RYDE Australia

Energy concept for the architectural competition in Ryde/Australia with AVA Andrea Vattovani Architecture

The building shape is orientated to provide self-occlusion in summer and use the solar energy in the cold months. Adaptive facade systems support daylight use, shading and energy production. Activated concrete as thermal storage reduce the power supply for cooling at hot days. The temperated concrete surfaces provide a comfortable climate situation for the occupants all over the year.

The thermal energy is generated by using the ground water within a suction and a injection well. Building surfaces are used to produce electric power with Building Integrated PV Systems (BIPV).

The apartments are ventilated naturally. The fresh air is temperated in the activated concrete before reaching the apartments. The exhaust air sucked out of the apartments naturally with rotating wind turbines placed on the roof. A hybride ventilation system supports the offices with fresh air in the lower floors, the occupants are able to open the windows during mellow days. Shops and the multi-purpose event hall are supplied with a mechanical ventilations system. The fresh are is pre-temperated in a earth temperature exchange system around the basement of the building.

diagram and renderings by AVA – Andrea Vattovani Architecture

Kunde: AVA - Andrea Vattovani Architecture

Projektstart: März 2016

Abgeschlossen: März 2016

Website: andreavattovani.com